Little Falls Library Notary Service Procedure

All parties who will be signing the document must appear personally before the Notary (with required identification- see below).

The Library Notary will only notarize documents written in English.

Notary services are by appointment only between 10am-5pm Monday and Wednesday, 12pm-8pm Tuesday and Thursday, and Friday 12pm-4pm.  Please call to schedule an appointment.

A fee of $2.50 per signature will be charged to non-Little Falls residents. Payment must be in cash only, for exact amount. The Notary has the discretion to refuse notary services when the document to be notarized, or identification provided do not clearly adhere to the New Jersey Notary Public Manual.

Acceptable forms of identification are:

  • A current passport from any country, written in a language that the Notary can read; 
  • A valid driver’s license from any state of the United States;
  • A valid non-drivers photo identification card from any state of the United States; or
  • A United States military identification card.

The requester who will sign the document must be sure that the document is completely filled out, leaving no blanks other than where the requester (and witness) will sign the document, before appearing before the Library Notary.

If additional witness signatures are required, the requester must bring witnesses to the library with them. The witness must also have acceptable forms of identification (as above).

Call the library at 973-256-2784 to make an appointment.