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Pals Plus is the Computer Consortium of Passaic County Libraries.  It maintains our computer network, as well as provides member libraries with a shared database of users and holdings.

What does this all mean?  With your Little Falls library card, you can check out items from any of the PALS Plus libraries!
Can't travel to other libraries?  Never fear!  We can request titles from other PALS Plus libraries and have them sent to Little Falls.  If you are not a Little Falls resident but have a PALS Plus card, you can still use the Little Falls Public Library for checkouts, computer use, and so much more!
Please note that, if you are not a Little Falls Library Card holder, any issues with your account or non-LF titles must be resolved at the library where you received your card.
Here is a list of PALS Plus libraries!  Click their name to visit their website

Click here to learn more about the PALS Plus consortium