Library Staff

Jennifer Larrinaga, Director, Notary Public
Stephen BloshukInformational Technical Services (ILS)
Linda Belen, Youth Services
Joseph DeCesare, Circulation and Digital Services Specialist
Matthew HardyCommunity Outreach and Marketing Coordinator
For Questions/Comments/Concerns, please email:

Circulation staff:  Al  |  Michele  |  Justin

Library Assistant:  Ariana

Library Page:  Isadora  |  Danielle 

Little Falls Library Board of Trustees

James Damiano, Mayor
Christine Hablitz, Mayor's Alternate
Tracey Marinelli, Superintendent of Schools
Shana Opdenberg, Superintendent's Alternate

Anne Kahwaty, President                    
Carol Miller, Vice-President/Secretary
Adam Zurbruegg, Treasurer

Nancy Friedrich, Trustee
Joyce Frommer, Trustee
Casey Fronzuto, Trustee
Peter Tomasi, Trustee

Trustees email: